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Palmerston Nth


Adopt a Car have been in the Vehicle Sales Industry for over 15 years and have 2 yards in the Palmerston North area.

We have over 70 cars in stock and specialise in Vehicles priced from $1000 to $40,000, we stock all makes of cars, utes and MPV's to suit every budget.

We have easy Finance Terms available and all trade-ins are welcome.

2007 Alfa Romeo 166 3.0 V6 2007 Alfa Romeo 166 3.0 V6 2006 Audi A3 2.0 TFSI2006 Audi A3 2.0 TFSI 2008 Audi A4 2008 Audi A4 2003 Audi A4 3.0 V6 Quattro 2003 Audi A4 3.0 V6 Quattro 2003 Audi A4 FREE 1 YEAR MECHANICAL WARRANTIE2003 Audi A4 FREE 1 YEAR MECHANICAL WARRANTIE 2004 Audi A6 FREE 1 YEAR MECHANICAL WARRANTIE2004 Audi A6 FREE 1 YEAR MECHANICAL WARRANTIE 2007 BMW 320i 2007 BMW 320i 2007 BMW 320i M/Sport wagon2007 BMW 320i M/Sport wagon 2002 Ford BA Falcon XR62002 Ford BA Falcon XR6 2002 Ford Courier XLX DBLE CAB2002 Ford Courier XLX DBLE CAB 2011 Ford ESCAPE 5D4WD XLT2011 Ford ESCAPE  5D4WD XLT 2008 Ford ESCAPE XLT2008 Ford ESCAPE  XLT 2006 Ford Fairmont BF2006 Ford Fairmont BF 2005 Ford Mondeo 2005 Ford Mondeo 2005 Ford Mondeo Zetec2005 Ford Mondeo Zetec 2003 Ford Transit 90 T3502003 Ford Transit 90 T350 2004 Ford Transit SWB MIDROOF2004 Ford Transit SWB MIDROOF 2002 Holden Astra City 1.8 16V2002 Holden Astra City 1.8 16V 2012 Holden Captiva CX 7 Seater2012 Holden Captiva CX 7 Seater 2003 Holden Commodore VY S/Charged2003 Holden Commodore VY S/Charged 2006 Holden Commodore VZ Executive2006 Holden Commodore VZ Executive 2003 Holden Monaro CV82003 Holden Monaro CV8 2005 Honda Accord Wagon S2005 Honda Accord Wagon S 2005 Honda Fit 2005 Honda Fit 2007 Honda Fit A F-Package2007 Honda Fit A F-Package 2009 Honda Fit G2009 Honda Fit G 2007 Honda Fit L2007 Honda Fit L 2005 Honda FIT 2005 Honda FIT 2005 Honda FIT Aria2005 Honda FIT Aria 2007 Honda Odyssey 7 Seater2007 Honda Odyssey 7 Seater 2005 Honda Odyssey Absolute2005 Honda Odyssey Absolute 2005 Honda Stream 5D S2005 Honda Stream 5D S 2001 Honda Stream 7 Seater2001 Honda Stream 7 Seater 2002 Jeep Cherokee Limited2002 Jeep Cherokee Limited 2004 Jeep Cherokee Ltd2004 Jeep Cherokee Ltd 2003 Jeep Cherokee Sport2003 Jeep Cherokee Sport 2006 Kia RIO 1.6 NZ NEW2006 Kia RIO 1.6 NZ NEW 2008 Mazda Atenza 25s2008 Mazda Atenza 25s 2009 Mazda Atenza 25Z2009 Mazda Atenza 25Z 2007 Mazda ATENZA 2007 Mazda ATENZA 2006 Mazda ATENZA 23S SPORTS HATCH2006 Mazda ATENZA 23S SPORTS HATCH 2008 Mazda ATENZA 23S SPORTS HATCH2008 Mazda ATENZA 23S SPORTS HATCH 2008 Mazda ATENZA 25S2008 Mazda ATENZA 25S 2005 Mazda ATENZA SPORT 23Z2005 Mazda ATENZA SPORT 23Z 2010 Mazda Axela 15C2010 Mazda Axela 15C 2005 Mazda Axela 4D 20S2005 Mazda Axela 4D 20S 2007 Mazda AXELA 1.5 sport2007 Mazda AXELA 1.5 sport 2006 Mazda AXELA 20S2006 Mazda AXELA 20S 2005 Mazda AXELA 20S2005 Mazda AXELA 20S 2010 Mazda AXELA 20S2010 Mazda AXELA 20S 2007 Mazda AXELA 20s black2007 Mazda AXELA 20s black 2008 Mazda AXELA 20S HATCH2008 Mazda AXELA 20S HATCH 2005 Mazda AXELA 23s2005 Mazda AXELA 23s 2006 Mazda AXELA 23S BOSE STEREO2006 Mazda AXELA 23S BOSE STEREO 2004 Mazda AXELA 23S MANUAL2004 Mazda AXELA 23S MANUAL 2005 Mazda AXELA 23S SPORT2005 Mazda AXELA 23S SPORT 2005 Mazda AXELA 5 speed2005 Mazda AXELA 5 speed 2009 Mazda AXELA SPORT 20S2009 Mazda AXELA SPORT 20S 2009 Mazda AXELA SPORT 20S2009 Mazda AXELA SPORT 20S 2006 Mazda AXELA SPORT 5D 23S2006 Mazda AXELA SPORT 5D 23S 2007 Mazda BT-50 DX D.CAB 2WD2007 Mazda BT-50 DX D.CAB 2WD 2011 Mazda BT-50 SDX D/Cab 2WD2011 Mazda BT-50 SDX D/Cab 2WD 2008 Mazda BT-50 SDX D/CAB 4WD2008 Mazda BT-50 SDX D/CAB 4WD 2012 Mazda CX-7 2WD GSX 2.52012 Mazda CX-7 2WD GSX 2.5 2007 Mazda DEMIO 13C-V2007 Mazda DEMIO 13C-V 2010 Mazda DEMIO 5D SPORT2010 Mazda DEMIO 5D SPORT 2009 Mazda DEMIO LOW KMS2009 Mazda DEMIO LOW KMS 2007 Mazda DEMIO MANUAL 5 SPEED2007 Mazda DEMIO MANUAL 5 SPEED 2005 Mazda MPV 2005 Mazda MPV 2009 Mazda MPV 23S2009 Mazda MPV 23S 2008 Mazda MPV 23S SPORTS2008 Mazda MPV 23S SPORTS 2010 Mazda Premacy 20CS2010 Mazda Premacy 20CS 2005 Mazda Premacy 20S2005 Mazda Premacy 20S 2007 Mazda Premacy 20Z2007 Mazda Premacy 20Z 2008 Mazda Premacy 5D 23S2008 Mazda Premacy 5D 23S 2007 Mitsubishi Galant 2.0i2007 Mitsubishi Galant 2.0i 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer ES NZ New2004 Mitsubishi Lancer ES NZ New 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander 24G 7 SEATER 4WD2013 Mitsubishi Outlander 24G 7 SEATER  4WD 2006 Mitsubishi Outlander 5D 24G2006 Mitsubishi Outlander 5D 24G 2006 Mitsubishi Outlander G2006 Mitsubishi Outlander G 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander G2007 Mitsubishi Outlander G 2006 Mitsubishi Outlander G Spec 7 Seater2006 Mitsubishi Outlander G Spec 7 Seater 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander G Spec 7 Seater2007 Mitsubishi Outlander G Spec 7 Seater 2006 Mitsubishi Pajero SWB VR-22006 Mitsubishi Pajero SWB VR-2 2009 Mitsubishi Triton GLX D/Cab 2WD2009 Mitsubishi Triton GLX D/Cab 2WD 2003 Mitsubishi Triton GLX D/CAB 4WD2003 Mitsubishi Triton GLX D/CAB 4WD 2013 Nissan Caravan NV3502013 Nissan Caravan NV350 2007 Nissan Dualis 20G2007 Nissan Dualis 20G 2007 Nissan Dualis 5D 20G2007 Nissan Dualis 5D 20G 2005 Nissan LAFESTA Playful2005 Nissan LAFESTA Playful 2005 Nissan March 5D 12C2005 Nissan March 5D 12C 2005 Nissan Maxima TI NZ New2005 Nissan Maxima TI NZ New 2011 Nissan Navara STX 4X4 D/CAB 4502011 Nissan Navara STX 4X4 D/CAB 450 1992 Nissan Primera 2.01992 Nissan Primera 2.0 2005 Nissan Pulsar LS2005 Nissan Pulsar LS 2007 Nissan Tiida 15M2007 Nissan Tiida 15M 2005 Nissan Tiida 15M2005 Nissan Tiida 15M 2007 Nissan Tiida low kms2007 Nissan Tiida low kms 2007 Nissan Wingroad 15R X Aero2007 Nissan Wingroad 15R X Aero 2007 Subaru Legacy OUTBACK FACELIFT2007 Subaru Legacy OUTBACK FACELIFT 1996 Subaru Legacy TS-R1996 Subaru Legacy TS-R 2007 Subaru LEGACY 2.5 SPORT WAGON2007 Subaru LEGACY 2.5 SPORT WAGON 2007 Subaru LEGACY GT-WAGON2007 Subaru LEGACY GT-WAGON 2005 Subaru LEGACY OUTBACK 2.5 2005 Subaru LEGACY OUTBACK 2.5 2009 Subaru OUTBACK 2.5I L Pack 4WD2009 Subaru OUTBACK  2.5I L Pack 4WD 2009 Suzuki Swift 5D STYLE2009 Suzuki Swift 5D STYLE 2007 Suzuki Swift SPORT2007 Suzuki Swift SPORT 2012 Suzuki Swift SPORT2012 Suzuki Swift SPORT 2007 Suzuki Swift Sport Limited2007 Suzuki Swift Sport Limited 2013 Suzuki Swift XG2013 Suzuki Swift XG 2008 Suzuki Swift XS2008 Suzuki Swift XS 2011 Toyota AURIS 180G2011 Toyota AURIS 180G 2007 Toyota Camry SPORTIVO2007 Toyota Camry SPORTIVO 2005 Toyota Hiace 2.02005 Toyota Hiace 2.0 2011 Toyota Hiace DX2011 Toyota Hiace DX 2006 Toyota Previa 2006 Toyota Previa 1995 Toyota RAV4 1995 Toyota RAV4 2007 Toyota RAV4 5D 4WD G2007 Toyota RAV4 5D 4WD G 2006 Toyota RAV4 5D 4WD SPORT2006 Toyota RAV4 5D 4WD SPORT 2006 Toyota RAV4 G2006 Toyota RAV4 G 2007 Toyota Vitz F2007 Toyota Vitz F 2005 Toyota Wish X Aero Sports Package2005 Toyota Wish X Aero Sports Package 2008 VOLKS WAGEN GOLF 5D GTI PIRELLI2008 VOLKS WAGEN GOLF 5D GTI PIRELLI 2008 VOLKS WAGEN TOUAREG V62008 VOLKS WAGEN TOUAREG V6 2000 Volkswagen Beetle Manual2000 Volkswagen Beetle Manual 2006 Volkswagen Golf 2006 Volkswagen Golf 2010 Volkswagen Golf TSi2010 Volkswagen Golf TSi
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